Photo of Hypericum densiflorum

Hypericum densiflorum

Bushy St. John's Wort

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This beautiful native shrub is covered with small yellow flowers that bloom from June-September.

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Bushy St. John’s Wort is multi-branched with reddish bark and small yellow flowers that bloom on new growth each year, followed by fruits. Its finely textured foliage offers a unique appearance. Bushy St. John’s Wort grows naturally in wet areas, in bogs, near stream banks, or in wet meadows. However, it is surprisingly drought tolerant. It prefers acidic soils and tolerates a variety of soil textures including sand, clay or loam. Add it to your native garden, rain garden or as a native ornamental in your sunny yard.

Wildlife Value: Bushy St. John’s Wort is visited by bees and other pollinators.

Plant Details:

Soil Characteristics

Light Needs of Plant

Water Needs of Plant

Size and Growth Rate

Height: 2 - 6 ft

Spread: 3 - 7 ft