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Take a leading role in protecting and conserving your community’s valuable natural resources through sustainable landscape management.

The Barnegat Bay and its watershed (land area draining to the bay) are home to abundant natural resources. The people who live, work, and play here rely on clean water and healthy fish and wildlife populations for food, jobs, and recreation. The Barnegat Bay watershed supports one of the most valuable economies of any estuary in the nation, contributing from $2 to $4 billion annually to New Jersey’s economy!

Landscaping practices have a huge impact on our water quality and natural resources. Through participation in this program, your municipality will complete actions that reduce sources of pollution, conserve water supplies, improve stormwater management, and restore wildlife habitat, all of which support a healthy environment and economy.

What Are the Benefits of Municipal Certification?

  • Healthier landscaping on municipal property,
  • Opportunity to be a local leader in keeping our water drinkable, swimmable, and fishable,
  • Engagement of the entire community in stewardship of the Barnegat Bay watershed,
  • Reduction of local flooding risks by increasing infiltration of stormwater on site,
  • Protection of water quality by reducing the use of fertilizers and pesticides,
  • Conservation of limited water supplies by decreasing outdoor water use,
  • Restoration of habitat for wildlife,
  • Lowered municipal costs through low-maintenance landscaping practices,
  • Reduced risks of employee exposure to pesticides and other lawn chemicals,
  • Track record of support for your area’s Watershed Protection and Restoration Plan, and
  • Public recognition of your achievements as a Jersey-Friendly Yards Certified Municipality. 

Get Your Municipality Certified!

Learn about program requirements and how to submit the documentation needed for certification, and find multiple resources to guide you.

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The Jersey-Friendly Yards Municipal Program recognizes related Sustainable Jersey actions completed by your municipality, making it easier to achieve certification in our program.