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Get Your Municipality Certified!

The goal of the Jersey-Friendly Yards Certification Program is to create healthy landscapes for a healthy Barnegat Bay watershed. You can help to ensure your community has clean water for drinking, swimming, and fishing and essential habitat for wildlife by completing actions in the Municipal Program and certifying your municipality as “Jersey-Friendly.” 

After enrolling in the program, your municipality can get started on completing
the following actions required for certification:

Standard Actions for Municipal Certification

After your municipality has completed all of the required Actions and submitted the appropriate documentation,  your accomplishments will be presented to the Program’s Technical Advisory Committee for final review and certification approval. Once certified, your municipality will enter a five-year re‐certification period, during which you can complete additional actions to maintain your certification status.

How do you submit when each step is completed?  

Upload the Required Documentation to Your Custom Link.

When you enrolled, you received a custom link from us for your action item uploads.