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Welcome to the launch of our Jersey-Friendly Yards
Municipal Certification Program!

In 2022, we are fortunate to be able to offer funding and guidance to two to three municipalities in the Barnegat Bay watershed seeking certification. The projects we fund will not only help your municipality move forward in the certification process, they will also serve as examples to inspire residents to take similar actions at home.

To apply for funding:

Funding Opportunity Application

Certification Municipal Funding Opportunity Application

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Have you already completed the Jersey-Friendly Yards (JFY) Municipal Certification Enrollment Form?

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Are you available for a brief phone interview or virtual meeting?
Will you allow a site visit by the JFY Certification Program staff to discuss potential projects as part of the funding application process?
Does your governing body and/or municipal administrator support the implementation and subsequent maintenance of any JFY landscaping project funded as a result of this application?
Are you willing to submit photo and/or video documentation (and/or allow JFY personnel to take photos and/or videos) of any JFY landscaping projects implemented by the municipality?
Are you willing to have JFY personnel provide a professional development program/workshop for municipal employees and/or residents once your JFY project is complete?
Are you willing to allow installation of an educational sign about your JFY project?
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.