The Jersey-Friendly Yards project brought our neighborhood together again after Hurricane Sandy.

–Marie Sylvester

Project Goal

Protect the community beach area from wind-blown sand erosion, and beautify the grounds and landscape.

Site Assessment

Nejecho Beach property measures 960 square feet of community space available to residents for recreation and enjoyment along the Metedeconk River. The property does not contain an irrigaton system, is not fertilized nor maintained by a professional landscaper. A chain-link fence lines the perimeter of the property. Existing Yucca plants grow along the fence, and existing vegetation in the beach area appear healthy. The target planting area along the fence receives full sun throughout the day; the acidic, sandy soil contains some organic matter and provides good drainage.

Plants Used

Shrubs:  Beach Plum (Prunus maritima), Groundsel Bush (Baccharis halimifolia), and  Northern Bayberry (Morella pensylvanica)

Grasses: Bitter Panic Grass (Panicum amarum)

Perennials:  Sedum (Hylotelephium telephium), Blazing Star (Liatris spicata), Foxglove Beardtongue (Penstemon digitalis), New England Aster (Symphyotrichium novae-angliae)

Project Leaders

Becky Laboy and Eileen Miller: Ocean County Soil Conservation District
Mike Gerrity: Rutgers Environmental Steward
Marie Sylvester: Nejecho Beach Club