Bright red, tubular flowers bloom June-August, attracting hummingbirds and large butterflies.

Bright yellow 4-petaled flowers bloom continuously from mid-summer through early fall, attracting bees, butterflies and birds.

Blue-green evergreen leaves and spires of white flowers on this native orchid make it a unique addition to your garden.

Clusters of tiny white flowers adorn this fragrant spring blooming woodland plant that stands only 6 inches tall.

This large pink flower has a long bloom time, May-October, and attracts many pollinators including bees, butterflies and hummingbirds.

Sets of strikingly blue flowers are clustered at the tips of single stems surrounded by a whorl of rich green leaves. 

Beach Pea is a sprawling, perennial vine native to beach and dune environments; its roots help stabilize sand. Clusters of bright pink to lavender, pea-shaped flowers bloom June-August. This plant produces long, smooth, flat seed pods in the fall. Good choice for seaside gardens. Beach Pea may be difficult to find commercially. Tell your local garden or nursery about your interest in this plant.