Tiny densely clustered pink flowers attract bees, butterflies and other pollinators. Host plant for numerous butterfly and moth caterpillars.

Summer blooming purple flowers are attractive to bees, butterflies and hummingbirds.

Yellow daisy-like flowers bloom May through August, providing nectar for pollinators.

Yellow umbels of flowers bloom in late spring, providing a welcome source of nectar for bees and other pollinators. 

Big Bluestem is a tall, attractive, drought-tolerant native grass with colorful foliage and enormous benefits for wildlife.

Large clusters of orange-red tubular-shaped flowers bloom June-August, offering stunning color all summer long.

Sedum is an easy-to-grow perennial with succulent green leaves and dense clusters of rosy-pink, star-shaped flowers which bloom from late summer until frost (August-October).  With age the flower color changes to a burgundy-red, and the attractive dried flower heads can last well into the winter months.  Sedum is an excellent choice for dry,sunny areas of the yard.  It can be planted as a specimen or in masses.

Fanflower is a sprawling, tender perennial grown as an annual in New Jersey. Bluish-purple, fan-shaped flowers with yellow “throats” bloom on trailing stems non-stop throughout the spring and summer. Fanflower thrives in the heat of summer. This plant tolerates dry, sandy soils and salt spray, making it a good choice for seashore gardens. Use Fanflower in beds, containers, and hanging baskets, or as an annual groundcover.

Coastal Panicgrass is a clump-forming, warm season, perennial grass that supports wildlife throughout the year.