White flowers bloom on multiple tall thin stalks beginning in late spring, and persist through summer.

Individual spikes house whorls of small yellow 5-petaled flowers that tower over the foliage.

Clusters of tiny white flowers adorn this fragrant spring blooming woodland plant that stands only 6 inches tall.

Petite yet stately, this spring wildflower will make an excellent addition to your woodland garden.

This unique perennial has only two leaves and one flower, that blooms in late spring.

Clusters of bright yellow flowers adorn delicate stems amidst intricately cut leaves from June – September.

Red baneberry is a bushy flowering perennial that offers a delightful textured appearance in the shade garden.

This easy-to-grow flowering groundcover offers early spring blooms of yellow daisy-like flowers and year-round lush green foliage.

Columnar Eastern White Pine is a small- to medium-sized, long-needled evergreen conifer with a narrow, columnar shape. Branches grow upright, giving this tree its compact shape. Bundles of five needles are soft to the touch and appear bluish-green. Columnar Eastern White Pine is a good choice for a screen planting. It can also be used as a specimen tree.

Astilbe is a shade-loving, summer-flowering perennial with fern-like, dark green foliage. Feathery plumes of tiny, wispy flowers in a variety of colors bloom in mid- to late summer. The flowers can be used fresh-cut or dried in floral arrangements. This plant prefers moist, well-drained, organically rich soil. Use Astilbe in masses in shady beds and borders or in woodland gardens.