This spring ephemeral blooms in March and April providing early nectar for waking bees.

Multiple delicate, pale yellow bell-shaped flowers hang from slender stems of this woodland plant in late spring.

This tall, showy summer-blooming sunflower provides nectar and seed to wildlife. 

This unique perennial has only two leaves and one flower, that blooms in late spring.

Jack-in-the-Pulpit is one of New Jersey’s most uniquely structured plants and deserves a closer look!

Wild ginger is a low-growing woodland plant. A perfect ground cover for your shady yard or garden.

Red baneberry is a bushy flowering perennial that offers a delightful textured appearance in the shade garden.

This shade-loving plant features creamy white flowers clustered atop a single stalk.

Columnar Eastern White Pine is a small- to medium-sized, long-needled evergreen conifer with a narrow, columnar shape. Branches grow upright, giving this tree its compact shape. Bundles of five needles are soft to the touch and appear bluish-green. Columnar Eastern White Pine is a good choice for a screen planting. It can also be used as a specimen tree.

Astilbe is a shade-loving, summer-flowering perennial with fern-like, dark green foliage. Feathery plumes of tiny, wispy flowers in a variety of colors bloom in mid- to late summer. The flowers can be used fresh-cut or dried in floral arrangements. This plant prefers moist, well-drained, organically rich soil. Use Astilbe in masses in shady beds and borders or in woodland gardens.